About us

Philippi Village is not just a business hub that hosts business events; it’s a conglomeration of diverse, culturally rich business enthusiasts. Intending to create a safe space for one to explore one’s own unique entrepreneurial perspective, Philippi Village strives to merge the heart of Cape Town with the universal need for economic growth.  By empowering local entrepreneurs with the opportunity to seek personal and economic development, we offer spaces for sports activities, art exhibitions, educational outreaches and recreational activities for the local community. 


Business Growth.


Personality Impact


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Our Partners


Bertha Foundation is known for its activism to fight for a just world. They are made up of activists, storytellers, and lawyers whose primary mission is to employ social and economic justice and human rights for all.

Open Society Foundation

The Open Society Foundation of South Africa is renowned for supporting principles, institutions, and practices that promote a more open, non-racist, non-sexist, democratic, and civil society.  

Be the Earth Foundation

The Be the Earth Foundation is a charitable organisation established in the United Kingdom that focuses on impact investing and philanthropy. They invest in initiatives and programmes that focus on resiliency to better the future for everyone.

Our vision

We aim to create jobs, improve entrepreneurship, and develop
and support our local community to become what it can be.

Our mission

We strive to create a safe, inspiring environment that supports local
and startup businesses achieve their dreams in building South Africa.

Meet the Team


Camilla Kearney

General Director


Amos Hendrix

CEO & Chief Manager


Bethaney Smith

Course Researcher

For any questions,
please call 082 619 8937

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