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Striving to merge endless possibilities for local successes in
one of Cape Town’s most culturally rich areas, Philippi.

A Vision of Unity

Here at Philippi Village events and space rental, our vision is to offer a safe, inspiring environment that supports local businesses achieve their dreams in building South Africa. In this, we aim to create jobs, improve entrepreneurship, and develop and support our local community to become what it can be.

Project Successes

Philippi Village Fitness

Skate Zone Project Kasi

Sewing Programme

Where Cape Town’s successes happen

In one of the most culturally rich areas in Cape Town, Philippi Village has cultivated a space for the community to share experiences, learn skills and help each other strive towards local success.

The Hub

The Hub contains up to 54 spaces that can be rented for those who require an office, workshop, or conference space for events and space rentals.

Container Walk

The container walk is best suited for an entry- or mid-level entrepreneur to sell their products to the community.

Film Location

Our film space is ideal for film production, photoshoots, and stills. This space has facilitated settings for blockbusters such as Maze Runner and Resident Evil.

The Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre is a spacious outdoor venue suitable for festivals, poetry sessions and outdoor activities, and it can accommodate 500 people.

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